Typography Face text editing in picsart and photoshop in simple steps

This editing is trending on Instagram and Facebook and other social media sites. This is very unique and amazing concept. In this editing we using some png and trick of picsart application in mobile phone.

Editing in picsart application

In this editing first using picsart application. Using picsart some tricks and functions we create this editing. In this editing first choose the image of model click in half size in DSLR camera. Open picsart application and then open the photo in picsart application and then go through the effects option go through saturation option then decrease the saturation around -30 to -20. Click ok. And then go through smooth option and then give a smoothness to your face. Press ok and then go through draw select the layer of model and choose the black brush and the around the model. Add the png of typography and change the blending mode of it.

Editing in Photoshop Software

Open the image of model in photoshop software. Then choose the quick selection tool drag on the image of model only parts of body. Tap on right click and choose layer via copy option then your image is cut. Go through the file choose the new option select the colour of layer is black and then open it. Add cut image of model on this background and then go through camera raw filter go through saturation option and decrease the saturation of it. Add typography png on the model face change the blending mode in multiply.your image is ready select all the layer and merge it in one layer.




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