Snapseed application amazing and unique tricks and tips | Frame photo editing

Snapseed frame photo Editing In this case snapseed is the best application for creating new photos. This photo editing is very best and unique concept editing. Snapseed is google application therefore they give best tools and effect.

How to create? Step 1- In first step you need to click the photo in simple top of the bar. Then you just open the application snapseed. Then you need to download the frame png. Simply press the image and then you got the option of download photo. Download the image. Then next you just need to go snapseed application.

Step 2 - In the second step you just need to add photo click on this pose. Open the photo. You just need adjust the photo in snapseed application. Then fix your face, clean your face and also smooth your face.

Step 3- Just go through tools option in snapseed application then select the option of double exposure and select the image of frame change the blending mode of it choose the blending mode as lighten. Press the ok and go back. Then simple choose the double exposure option repeat. Then select the photo of frame. And repeat the process of it.

Step 4 - Go through the option of black and white the choose the neutral option. Go through view edits and choose the brush and remove the area of frame size photo. Then send this photo in lightroom application.

Step 5 - Open the lightroom application and then go through the light option. Choose the option of exposure increase it and decrease the highlight. Go through the effect option and decrease the black increase the clarity, dehaze, white option press ok button.

Download png 1-




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