How to give butterflies Effect in picsart and lightroom mobile application

Butterfly Effect Preset Download In this case this is very unique and amazing photo Editing. Simple steps you must edit this image. When you trying to edit this you may easy to create this amazing editing. You also create another images. Try to edit new concept of editing. In this case we create this editing stepwise. So let's start.

How to create?

Step 1- You first need know how to create this colour adjustment. In first step you just need download picsart and lightroom application in your mobile devices. Then you just click the photo on simple pose shown on the top of page. This is very simple and unique pose. Keep to try best.

Step 2- In second step you go through gallery and then simple open the photo click in dslr camera. Send to photo in picsart application. When the photo is open you just need to skin retouching.

Step 3- In the third step go through simple beautify option showing bottom most desktop of screen. Go through in face fix option and then select the brush size and face the skin. And then go through the blemish option then select spot on the face remove it. Then press the ok button.

Step 4- Crop the photo in Instagram size and then crop the photo. Then go through effect option showing in the picsart application. Then select the colorise option and select the fade. Select the brush and select the brush size adjust the hardness zero and then adjust the opacity around sixty and also adjust brush whatever you want in size.

Step 5- Remove the part of all body and shirt or pant also. Then go through draw option in picsart. Go through the simple layer panel. Tap on the three dots of layer panel and merge the two or three more layers in one single layer. Then click the another three dots showing on the top of the bar tap this then save the image.

Step 6- Open the lightroom application. Open the image you save in the picsart application. Next go through option of light adjust the light. Increase the shadow, whites option. Decrease the blacks, highlights. And then also increase the contrast option. Then you go through the colour option then select the colour of face and skin decrease the saturation and increase the luminance of this colour. Then next simple select the blue colour decrease the saturation and increase the luminance. Then press the ok button. And then go through the effects option lightroom application. Decrease the vignette effect, increase the texture, dehaze, clarity of image. Therefore you follow this step make sure your image is ready to upload on Instagram.

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