How to edit photo like Vijay Mahar burning beast soul in Photoshop?

Here I am telling you how to edit photos like Vijay Mahar burning beast within using photoshop software. You just follow some steps for creating this editing. Using some effect in photoshop we create like this editing. In this editing, we using some png and background. This is an amazing and unique concept artwork. This editing is to create a stepwise in photoshop. You just use a camera raw filter for this editing. In this editing, I am using some png like fire beast soul and particles png.

Step 1

In this first step, you just click your photo in the simple pose by using DSLR camera and also use your mobile phone. I click this image my mobile phone redmi note 5 pros.

Step 2

You open simply photoshop and add this click pose photo in your photoshop software then select a quick selection tool and select part only body and model.

Step 3

In this step, you just open the background and add in photoshop then select the layer of background and make a simple adjustment in camera raw filter.

Step 4

Add a cutout model png on this background then adjust it on the background then make a duplicate layer go adjustment then hue or saturation decrease the lightness over 0 make then shadow.

Step 5

Add the fire beast png and change the blending mode of light and then add the next png of particles of light adjust it bottom side of the background.

Step 6

Then select all the layers of it and tap right click and then all the options are showing you simply choose the option of flattening the image and then you're all layer are merged in one single layer.

Step 7

Add the gradient effect on the background then simply decrease the opacity around 65 to 75 then adjust the gradient effect on the bottom side of the background.

Step 8

Select the layer and go through filter option all option showing and then simply choose the camera raw filter option and increase the clarity, shadows, whits option. And then decrease the black option. Go through the FX option and decrease the amount and midpoint of it. Go through the file and save the image.



Shadow Png

Fire beast Within

Particles Png

All background and zip file download-

burning beast editing
Download ZIP • 2.85MB




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