How to create Tomorrow land Movie poster editing by using Photoshop?

By using photoshop we create some movie poster editing. Using some features in photoshop like camera raw filter giving a nice and perfect texture to the image and giving clarity to the image. I am creating this editing by some simple step. You also follow the steps and Create another movie poster editing by using photoshop software.

  1. Quick selection Tool - By starting adding your model on photoshop then simply choose a quick selection tool for removing background from the backside of your model. Start to select the model and body parts like a hand. Select the quick selection tool and tap right click then showing more option simply select the layer via copy option. The new layer is created then select the second layer and unselect this layer.

  • The open background then makes a simple adjustment of colour decrease the yellow colour and increase the orange colour. Make simple adjustment of exposure, gamma adjustment and offset.

  • Adding simple png like a futuristic and flying pump. Adjust the flying pump in your model backside on right hand or shoulder. Open the camera raw filter and select the flying pump. Go to colour adjustment and select red colour decrease the saturation of red colour and increase the Luminance.

  • Drag the model and drop on the background then select the layer mask and select the brush and remove the bottom area of the body or your model image.

  • Go through camera raw filter and select the model's layer and then increase the clarity option and shadow option. Go through the fx option and decrease the amount and midpoint. Go through colour adjustment decrease the orange colour saturation and increase the luminance.

  • Select all the layers to tap on right-click and then get flatten the image. Your all layer are merged in only single one layer. Open the first png press the ctr+t and reduce the size of png set on this background. Go through blending option and select screen blending mode. Then open the second png again repeat this process. Then again you just need to merge all layer one layer then again select all layer press right click and get flatten the image. Your editing almost is done.

  • One last step is required open the select layer on camera raw filter then go through the preset option and select the simple preset and then you go through fx option decrease the amount around -30 to -40 and decrease all the midpoint press, ok your image is ready.

Background Image

Model Image

All the background and png zip file download

Download ZIP • 270KB




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