How to create Simple Photoshop editing and Retouching with using camera raw presets?

By using Photoshop simple steps you will create some simple images by using presets in camera raw filter. In this editing, I am creating some photoshop color adjustment and giving a nice perfect effect on models' background. Giving a nice adjustment of clarity, shadow, and blacks and whites you will create a simple effect editing. So start with some simple steps. This editing creates your stepwise.

Step 1-

Open your images or model for this simple photoshop editing and retouching purpose.

you make simple adjustments in camera raw filter open the camera raw filter and go to sharpening and luminance option choose the luminance option and increase it 45 to 50.

Step 2-

In step second simply make your model face smooth and clear. Remove all spots and blemishes on your face by using spot healing tools. First, you go through left side of the screen and then choose the option of spot healing tool brush and then adjust the spot healing tools brush size. Simply paint on your model face and other parts like a hand.

Step 3-

In step third, you need to smooth your face. You just choose a smudge tool in photoshop left side of the screen. Take a brush of skin smooth brush and select the brush to adjust the strength of the smudge tool around 19 to 20. You simply paint this brush on All the portion of the body. Your face is getting smooth.

Step 4-

In this case, you just make a simple adjustment in photoshop camera raw filter.

firstly you tap on the filter option in photoshop on top of the screen then you get more options just simply choose a camera raw filter then open the camera raw filter. Then go through clarity option and increase the clarity option around 56 to 60. Then simply go through the shadow option and increase the shadow around 75. Choose the black option and decrease this around -30. Press ok.

Step 5-

This last step of this simple photoshop editing and retouching. Simply you go in camera raw filter then you just open the fx option and then amount and the midpoint of this effect you just decrease it. then go through the color adjustment then saturation of orange decreases and then luminance increase. Go in the Hue option to change the color of yellow and orange. Then you simply open the preset in camera raw filter and apply it. Your image is ready. You see our recent uploads of simple photoshop editing and retouching.

Sample photo 1

Sample photo 2

Sample photo 3

Sample photo 4

Sample photo 4

All preset download zip file-

Download ZIP • 34KB




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