How To Create Silhouette Editing in Photoshop by Simple Steps: Photoshop Tutorial

Silhouette editing -

In the case of editing, I am showing how to create a black and dark tone of editing in photoshop. let's start from the first step I am showing model or your image how to cut by using photoshop quick selection tools.

NOTE - Cheak below all Pictures are given below for Downloading

Step 1 -

in this editing first, I am cutting my image or model. so first choose quick selection tool and then you just drag on your all of body then just it selects your full area of the body. then your image is select. after you just tap on right click on image then many options are showing then you click on a layer via copy option then your model separate on your background.

Step 2-

Create your background by using some background and png's. You just follow some steps. first, open you first png of an image and go to hue or saturation on this option and then lightness option select and decrease all lightness. your png is getting darker or black.

Step 3-

Go to file option and select simply just keep the simple setting. You take height and width 2000*1200. open a new background white or black.then open second png or background it like a space type background. So adjust it on this white background and then add a black or dark type of png of grass fix it on this space background.

Step 4 -

Go through on your model you were removing this background. Just open and drag this and drop on the space background. adjust it and press ctr+t and select and decrease the size of the model. Then apply layer mask on this model layer and removing or erase the portion of your model shoes. Press the ok button and go through the image and select hue or saturation options then follow some step just decrease the lightness. You get your model dark and black.and your model and background are looking like real.

Step 5 -

In step 5, we are adding png of the tree of coconut and moon png. you just open this png and then drag and simply drop on space background. Then go through the image and select the option of hue or saturation. and then decrease the lightness of get black or dark png of coconut tree . Then you just adjust it decrease the size of it.

Step 6 -

Select the all the layers and just tap or right-click you get three option just tap on the flatten image.your all layers get merge in one layer.and then select this layer and right-click on this layer and you get more option to choose the option of the duplicate layer then ok.your layer is copy.and then go through the filter option in photoshop and you get the various option in this filter you simply choose the camera raw filter option. in the camera raw filter, you make some adjustment in this option. First, you increase the clarity of background and then decrease the blacks after increase the shadows and white and then decrease the temperature do some simple adjustment and your background looks very clear and beautiful. Then you just tap in fx option in camera raw filter then decrease the amount and midpoint.

Go through colour adjustment select increase the colour of blue and increase some colour in camera raw filter. your image ready.

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Used Pictures in this Editing -

Click below and Download All Pictures in ZIP format. After downloading extract and start editing.

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