How to create ring light photo editing in picsart and lightroom application

Picsart application Click the photo in this simple pose showing on the top of the post. In simple pose click the photo in DSLR camera 200d another variety of the camera like 5d, 700d, and other 1300d. You choose any photo for this editing. No problem with choose any photo but photo must be half click and only click in camera like 200d and whatever you choose. Photo not required to click in mobile phone camera. I am create this editing stepwise. You just follow the simple steps.

Case 1 In this first case I tell about this first case you before this editing you just click the photo first in simple pose. Add this photo in the picsart application.

Case 2 In this second case you need to fix all bugs like blemish, spots, dull skin, oily skin in beautify feature in picsart application.

Case 3 Select the option of face fix in picsart application. Choose the brush nd clear the blemishes on the face. Fix the face.

Case 4 Add the png of ring light png adjust it. Then change the blending mode of it and choose the blending mode as screen. Press ok. Add your logo and other sign png.

Case 5 Go through the draw tool then choose the layers option and merge all layers and click on the three dots and save the photo.

Case 6 Open the photo in lightroom application then go through the light colour adjustment. Choose the colour of skin increase the luminance of it decrease the saturation of it. Adjust the blue colour increase the saturation and increase the luminance. Then go through clarity section increase the clarity, increase the texture. Decrease the vignette effect. Export the photo in high quality.

Ring light png

Eye png-


All stocks download link in below download this stock and create this editing-

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