How to create Halloween night manipulation editing in photoshop software?

In this editing we are create a Halloween night manipulation editing by using photoshop software. I am using some simple steps to create this editing. You just follow my steps only and then simply download some png and background link πŸ”— in bottom of the page.

How I am create this editing?

Step 1

First you just click the photo in this simple pose on top of the image by using DSLR camera and whatever your gadgets like mobile phone etc.

Step 2

In this second step you just add your model photo in photoshop software and then simply choose the quick selection tool drag the tool on whole of body and parts. Tap on the right click and then showing many option you just choose layer via copy.

Step 3

In this editing photo retouching is needed to clear your model face. For retouching you just choose the smudge tool option and make strength around 19 to 20. Make your skin smooth and face clean.

Step 4

Adding the background image and then simply drag your model on background and drop it.

Adjust the model size. Open the model layer in camera raw filter and make a simple adjustment in this model.

Step 5

Add the some png like lens and smoke png and slmple adjust the size of it. Select all layer and then tap ona right click and then merge all the layer.

Edited Image




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