How to create focal zoom planet editing by using picsart application

Picsart editing concept- Focal zoom editing

Focal zoom editing concept is new concept of editing photos. This is concept is viral on Instagram and other social media sites. This is very viral editing concept. So I am create this editing by step wise. Using the some background and png and using some techniques of picsart application we create this editing.

Step 1

In step first I am going to photo shoot and click the same unique poses of photo.

Step 2 In step second this pose photo click by dslr camera or mobile phone. And then open it in picsart application for cutting or removing the backside background of model pose photo for editing purpose.

Step 3 In this third step we going to select the photo of click pose. And open the photo on draw tool and select the layer panel select all layer and merge it in one layer. And select the three dots option and save the image.

Step 4 Add the png one by one by choosing the add photo option in the picsart. First add the photo of black colour mountain png. Then Second add stars png. Go through blending mode option choose the darken and otherwise overlay option in the blending mode.

Step 5 Choose the photo of cut pose model image. Add it in the middle of the photo or background. Then go through adjustment and decrease the brightness, hue, saturation. And then also increase the contrast of photo.

Step 6 Give a nice effect of HDR and focal zoom in blur option in picsart application. Add the your channel and your personal logo or sign logo. Go in draw tool and merge all the layer and save it high quality.

Edited image-

Stars png-

Moon png-

Model png-

All png and background download zip file click on the link below-

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