Full Information about PicsArt and its Tools

Picture editing is one of the most famous things on the internet. For marketing, branding, influencing, etc. picture editing is the most important thing ever. Picture editing enhances the beauty and quality of the picture, because of its picture makes eye-catching.

There are different software and mobile apps are available on the internet. But in this article, we are mentioned the most famous picture editing mobile application PicsArt.

What is the PicsArt photo studio?

PicsArt photo studio is a mobile application used for picture editing, collage, and drawing and is also a social network.

What PicsArt can do?

PicsArt enables different features for users like edit pictures, draw layers, and share their photographs with the PicsArt community or other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How to use PicsArt tools?

PicsArt editing is so simple. PicsArt has so many tools like crop, free crop, dispersion, curves, enhance, etc. These tools are very useful for creating attractive pictures.

Tool 1- Crop :

The crop tool is used to crop or clip the picture. Using crop tools we can eliminate the unwanted part of the picture. This tool is often used for cropping borders of a picture and also it provides you more focus at a particular part of the picture. If you want a specific size of images then this tool is for you.

Tool 2- Free crop :

The free crop tool is also used for removing unwanted areas from pictures. You can remove any part of a picture this is the specialty of Free crop tool.

There are extra 5 features are available in this tool.

Tool 3- Shape crop :

The shape crop tool is not much useful as compared to the free crop tool. But if you want to crop a picture in a specific shape then this tool is very useful for you.

In this tool, you will see different shapes like circle, rectangle, square, etc. You could apply different shape crops for your picture.

Tool 4- Dispersion :

Dispersion is a very useful tool for enhancing the look of the picture. For applying dispersion you have to just make a line as you want in a particular manner and after application, space where you made the line, will be dispersed.

Tool 5- Clone :

Clone is a very useful tool for making a copy of a specific particular part. You have to just choose a part for coping and locate the focus symbol on it and move a finger at any part of your picture as per your requirement and it will be copied.

Tool 6- Remove :

Remove tool is very useful for removing an unwanted area of the picture. Sometimes, while clicking the picture a person or object comes in a photograph. For this issue, remove the tool is the perfect solution. But for using this needed a golden subscription.

Tool 7- Stretch :

Using this tool we can change the physical look of an image. there are 4 options are available in this Stretch tool.

1) Wrap

2) Swirl CCW

3) Swirl Cw

4) Squeeze

5) Inflate

Tool 8- Motion :

This tool is useful for showing any particular thing in motion. You have to just select that area and move any direction. This is a manual process but the auto process is also available.

Tool 9- Selection :

The selection tool is used for changing the particular area of a picture or give the effect at a particular area or crop. Square shaped, circle-shaped selections are already available and free selection is also available.

Tool 10- Curve :

You can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights by changing the position of the curve.

Tool 11- Adjust :

Using this tool you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, clarity, and hue. This is also a very useful tool for enhancing image beauty.

Tool 12- Enhance :

This tool is only for increasing or decreasing the saturation and enhances.

Tool 13- Tilt-Shift :

Using this tool you can blur the side part of the image radially or linearly.

Tool 14 Perspective :

If you were captured picture improperly then using this tool you can edit a picture in a good perspective.

Tool 15- Resize :

This tool is for resizing the picture dimensions.

Tool 16- Flip/Rotate :

You can flip or rotate the image using this tool.




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